Salmon Fishing on the Fraser River and Harrison
River of British Columbia, Canada

Welcome to! We are based out of Chilliwack, British Columbia, Two large Chinook Salmon caught in the Fraser River Canada and specialize in salmon fishing in the Fraser River and Harrison River. Chilliwack is located east of Vancouver and is about a 1.5 hour drive from downtown on Highway 1.

The Fraser River and the Harrison River both have large runs of Pacific Salmon, including all 5 species (Chinook, Coho, Chum, Pink and Sockeye). Salmon are available to anglers throughout the whole fishing season, which starts in June and runs to the end of November!

Many anglers tend to think of Vancouver Island's salt-water salmon fishing when they think of salmon fishing in British Columbia, Canada. What is often over looked is the incredible fresh water salmon fishing opportunities that the Fraser River and Harrison River have to offer. We are A chrome bright Harrison River Chum Salmon fishing only a few miles from saltwater so our salmon are in the prime of their life and are fresh from the ocean!

Fishing for salmon on our rivers has many advantages. The Fraser River and Harrison River are large, beautiful, and scenic rivers. Bald eagles, seals, deer, beavers, ospreys, turkey vultures and black bears are common sights on an average guided salmon fishing charter and because we are always in sight of land and the water is smooth seasickness is never a problem.

You will be guided buy a professional and experienced Hunter (Guide) and all Salmon A 15 pound Coho Salmon caught and released in the Fraser RiverCharters come complete with all tackle and gear included. Transportation is supplied buy covered and heated welded aluminum river jet boats!

Give us a call for your next guided salmon fishing adventure. We can accommodate groups of all sizes and anglers of all experience levels from beginner to expert and this does include fly-fishing for salmon as well!

We look forward to showing you what a professional first rate Salmon fishing experience in the Fraser valley is all about!

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