Fly Fishing the Fraser River and Harrison
River of British Columbia, Canada

Fly fishing anglers looking for an exciting river fishing experience who are also seeking to experience fly fishing for Salmon A 20 pound Harrison River fly-caught Coho need not look any further than the Fraser River and Harrison River. Fly fishing in the Fraser Valley is rich with opportunities, with our primary season for our guided fly fishing charters is from September to late November. Fly fishing for Salmon in the Fraser and Harrison rivers is spectacular! Our waters provide some really unique settings from big open flows to small slow backwaters only accessible by jet boat, and truly have something for everyone!

September is prime time for Pink salmon every other year (2009, 2011, 2013, etc). These willing fish arrive in large numbers usually between 8 and 20 million so the action is usually non-stop. One of many Harrison River fly-caught Chum Salmon Our Pinks average about 5 lbs each, are great sport, and a very popular fishery. Sockeye are also available in September and are a great fighting fish, ranging between 5 and 10 pounds.

October is a prime month to fly fish for Salmon. Pink Salmon (on odd years) Coho, Chum and Chinook are all available for fly fishing. Our Chum Salmon run is the largest and they are readily available, these big guys run from 10 to 25 pounds. Chum salmon are great fighters and take a fly well. Coho salmon are found mostly in backwaters so an accurate presentation is required for these dynamic fish. Coho range from 4 to 15 pounds. Chinook salmon are also available and can get very large. Chinook run between 15 and 50 plus pounds. Chinook are usually caught in the larger flows while fishing for Chum Salmon but tend to run in the deeper faster water.

November is still great fishing and our primary targets are Chum and Coho salmon fishing is usually good up till about the 20th of the month. Anglers are welcome to bring their own fly fishing gear if they prefer if not we have quality fly rods available to you. Anglers bringing their own rods should have a good stout #8 or #9 rod, a 300 grain Shooting head, and an intermediate clear sink tip as well. Of course double handed and Spey rods are also welcome.

A pool of Harrison River Salmon waiting to be caught on the fly is part of the Steve Kaye Sportfishing Network